A pastel class with Shaun Carey.


About half of these photographs were taken by a professional photographer called Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux who is a new friend.


We got together to experiment with several Sigma Merrill DP cameras which produce unusually detailed digital files – at the price of being somewhat unfriendly to operate!


Stefan had never handled one of these cameras before.


The treatment of files produced by any camera is always a matter of taste. What follows is the way I chose to process his files. It will be interesting to see how his interpretation differs when he has had a chance to work on them.


Stefan's real work can be seen on:-



Do take a look. There are some lovely portfolios there.


On the images that follow I have left my own ‘copyright’ details in place – though, in reality, the imagination and creative skill comes 100% from Stefan. As always I ask that none are downloaded or used without our permission.


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